Plan your trip in seconds

I ran out of olive oil, and I need eggs. 5 seconds and they are on the list. Need something new? Add it to your list once, and next time, it's one tap away. Use quantities like pounds, grams, or cups for extra detail.

Save shopping lists

Why do you buy what you buy? Usually it's because that group of items is in a recipe or a meal that you like to make. Tired of flipping through cookbooks? Save ingredient lists for some of your favorites in GroceryZen.

Your list rewrites itself

Wouldn't it be great if your list reorganized itself when you got to the store, so you never had to go back through the same aisle twice? That's how groceryZen works. Each item checked off goes to the bottom of the list.

Share shopping lists

You've created a list for some of your favorite recipes, meals, and items you regulatly buy. Want to share that with a friend? Send an email with the info to anyone else, whether they use GroceryZen or not.

Your favorite recipes

Planning dinner for Tuesday? Add all the ingredients for Asian Salmon Cups in a single tap. Try out food photography, download a picture from the web, or just snap a reminder from your favorite cookbook.

Aisle by aisle

Organize your list your way. You can sort, rename, and change aisles to match the way you shop. Add aisle numbers for your favorite store. The built-in list comes with common aisles to get you started.

Get detailed

Usually buy a half pound of deli meat, and a recipe uses 8 ounces of cream cheese? Set up the "usual" amount so that it's easy to add with one tap. Also keep an amount needed for each recipe.

Let someone else do it

You've made the list, but you're running out of time. Send the list in a single tap to your significant other, so he can do the shopping. The emailed list can be added back to GroceryZen with the click of a button.